Elgar - ReFlex Power Ethernet Enabled Controller Module

Elgar - ReFlex Power Ethernet Enabled Controller Module
  • 10/100 base-T Ethernet connectivity
  • Digital control loop technology
  • IVI compliant drivers
  • Web browser control
  • Controls up to 95 assets
  • Supports VXI II Discovery
  • Modular


ReFlex Power™ is a high density, modular programmable power system providing DC, AC and electronic load assets all under control of a single controller. It provides a reconfigurable, flexible platform ideal for ATE and production test environments where RFP™ can provide programmable stimulus and bias power as well as programmable loads for the device(s) under test. The EIA 4U high RFP™ mainframe can hold up to 12 single-slot modules or combinations of single, dual and triple slot wide modules to configure (or reconfigure) the system for the particular requirements at hand. The mainframe can support up to 6 kW of output power.

Up to 8 mainframes, potentially up to 95 modules, can be controlled via a single controller. The controller communicates to the individual modules via a high speed proprietary bus protocol, providing very high data rates and a high degree of deterministic control. The RFP™ controller communicates to the host controller via an Ethernet LAN connection designed to be compliant with the LAN Extension for Instrumentation ( ™ ) standard, assuring interoperability and ease of integration. RFP™ system modules can be combined via the controller, permitting the creation of “virtual assets” with the voltage/current combinations required for a particular test regime. Creating “virtual assets” reduces the “logistical tail” and total cost of ownership.

Available power modules include

  • Single slot, 330 Watt programmable DC supplies
    • 16V, 20.6A
    • 65V, 5.1A
  • Dual slot, 1kW programmable DC supplies
    • 33V, 30A
    • 50V, 20A
    • 50V, 25A
    • 120V, 8.3A
    • 450V, 2.3
  • Triple slot, 875 VA, single phase, programmable AC supply
    • Dual range: 280V(rms), 3.5A(rms)
    • Dual Range: 140V(rms), 7A(rms)
  • Triple slot, 500V, programmable electronic DC loads
    • 15A, 375 Watt
    • 30A, 750 Watt

The mainframe provides internal power distribution, cabling, I/O and power connection and rack mounting for 12-asset slots. The mainframe also supplies the signal and control bus fabric supporting multi-module series/parallel operation, complex triggering, fault I/O and inter-mainframe control infrastructure.

More Product Information

Elgar - ReFlex Power  DC High Power Module 1000W DC Power Supply
  • Near Linear Power Supply
  • Modular
  • ≥0.95 PFC
  • Digital control loop technology
  • High Power Density (3.5 watts/cubic inch)
  • “Virtual Assets” by:
    • Series operation
    • Parallel operation
    • Combined operation with loads
  • Simple integration

Elgar - ReFlex Power 375–750W DC Load Module
  • High Voltage (500V) Input
  • Digital control loop technology
  • Two models: 375W & 750W
  • Up to 750W/500V
  • Parallel up to 8 automatically
  • Modular
  • High Power Density
  • Simple integration

Elgar - ReFlex Power 875VA AC Power Source Module
  • High Power Density (2 VA/cubic inch)
  • Single or multi-phase output
  • Parallel operation
  • 4.8 Crest factor
  • Digital control loop technology
  • ≥0.95 PFC
  • Brown-out simulation
  • AC 875 VA
  • 45 to 5000 Hz
  • Universal AC/DC input via mainframe
  • User configurable
  • Simple integration

Elgar - ReFlex Power Chassis
  • Modular
  • Control up to 95 assets
  • Control multiple AC and DC power supplies and loads in one mainframe
  • Create “virtual assets”
  • Web browser control
  • User configurable
  • Highest Power Density
  • Simple integration
  • PFC
  • Universal AC/DC input
  • Up to 6kW in one mainframe
  • 1kW DC modules
  • PFC ≥0.95
  • Reduced space and logistics hassles
    • High power density
    • Handles DC and AC power and load modules
    • User configurable
    • Universal AC/DC input
  • Ease of integration
    • Web browser control
    • Trigger bus
    • Configure modules to parallel or series operation "on the fly"

Elgar - GUPS (Global UPS) Series 1920W Ruggedized Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Ruggedized
  • Wide (Global) Input
  • On-Line Battery Back-Up
  • Transient (Spike) Suppression
  • Surge Suppression
  • Input Distortion Elimination

Powerside - PQube 3r Power Analyzer - Ultra accurate power analyzer and versatile controller
Power analyzer, real time controller and revenue meter. Has 4 built-in programmable relay outputs that can be individually assigned to a specific disturbance.

Elgar - Power, Special Test Equipment (PSTE) - Complete spacecraft power special test equipment
Integrated subsystem test
  • SAS, BSS, Umbilical systems
  • AC Input isolation
  • Power Validation Fixtures
  • Redundant OV & OI

Advanced Illumination - DCS-103E Controller Triple Output Controller / 1 Channel per Output
  • High power in a compact package; a slim design at 115 x 121mm and only 45mm wide
  • Three Independent Outputs
  • 1-Independent Channel within each output
  • Up to 90W output power, 30W per output
  • GUI, WebServer & Command Line Tools
  • Software SDKs including: LabView, C++, C# and more
  • For pulse widths greater than 100 µsec (10 µsec resolution)
  • Overdrive currents in strobe mode limited to 5-10x

Advanced Illumination - DCS-100E Controller - Single Output Controller/3 Channels per Output
  • High power in a compact package; a slim design at 115mm x 122mm and only 22mm wide
  • Ethernet configuration options
  • Three independently controlled channels available
  • GUI, WebServer & Command Line Tools
  • Software SDKs including: LabView, C++, C# and more
  • For pulse widths greater than 100 µsec (10 µsec resolution)
  • Overdrive currents in strobe mode limited to 5-10x

AMETEK Programmable Power

Located in San Diego, CA, AMETEK Programmable Power designs, manufactures and markets precision, AC and DC programmable power supplies, electronic loads, application specific power subsystems, and compliance test solutions for customers requiring & valuing differentiated power products and services. Also in our San Diego manufacturing facility is the recently acquired VTI Instruments brand which delivers precision modular instrumentation and systems for electronic signal distribution, acquisition, and monitoring, used in the world's most demanding test applications.

AMETEK Programmable Power boasts one of the industries' broadest portfolios of programmable power products under the well known and respected Sorensen, Elgar, California Instruments and AMREL brands. AMETEK's programmable power supplies and power sources serve a wide range of stimulus (T&M) and process power needs in applications including semiconductor fabrication, commercial and defense ATE, oil exploration, solar array and battery string simulation, avionics, general R&D and EMC compliance testing.

Contact Details

AMETEK Programmable Power, Inc. − San Diego

9250 Brown Deer Road

San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: 858-450-0085

Fax: 858-458-0267

Contact form or Email: sales.ppd@ametek.com for general inquiries

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Line Cards: 

Modular AC/DC Power Systems

Model Voltage Current Power Overview
RFP DC High Power 33 - 450V 2.3 - 30A 1000W DC Output ReFlex Power Module
RFP DC Low Power 16 - 65V 5.1 - 20.6A 330W DC Output ReFlex Power Module
RFP AC Power 140 - 280V 3.5 - 7A 875VA AC Output ReFlex Power Module
RFP DC Load 500V 5 - 30A 375 – 750W DC Load ReFlex Power Module
RFP Controller - - - Ethernet Enabled Controller ReFlex Power Module
RFP Chassis 115 - 400V input - - 12 Slot, Universal AC/DC Input, ReFlex Power ModuleChassis