NoiseKen - Impulse Noise Simulator ( INS series )

NoiseKen - Impulse Noise Simulator ( INS series )
Noiseken simulators to reproduce fast rise-up noises which are generated when switching ON / OFF electric current on the inductive load.
Since the pulse includes broadband frequency and its rise-up time is fast at 3ns or less, it can make the noise coupling dense and effective to reproduce the malfunctions of electronics equipment under the test.
It can realize performance evaluation of electronics equipments upon reproduction of line noises which are intruded to the power supply lines or induced noises onto the telecommunication lines.


Discontinuation notice of INS-4020 / 4040 and INS-AX2 series:

In observance of the Minamata convention on mercury, products that include mercury have been restricted of export from Japan. This includes the INS-4020, INS-4040, INS-AX2 series that used a mercury relay switch, and now have been succeeded by the INS-S220. Please take note that the specification of the INS-S220 are not equivalent to that of the previous models.

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NoiseKen - High Voltage Noise / Car Manufacturer's Standard by FNS-AX3-A16C-N1969

This model is for carrying out a high pressure noise test of individual automotive manufacturers' demands. It simulates representative high voltage noise of HV and EV.

  • Single-phase 3 wire
  • AC85 - 240V16A
  • 50/60Hz
  • DC125V16A
  • Pulse: ~ 500V 50kHz (option)

NoiseKen - Fast Transient Burst Simulator - FNS-AX3
Electrical fast transients (EFT), such as switching transients originating from inductive load interruption, relay contact bounce, etc., are one of the main causes of equipment malfunctions. Because they can occur anywhere interfering with circuits primarily via mains and interconnection cables.
EFT is characterized by fast rise times and a short duration of pulses. Also significant is the fact that EFT comes in bursts with repetition rates exceeding 100kHz. In the real world, an EFT event is a series of pulses with changing amplitudes and repetition rates. For test purposes, the IEC 61000-4-4 standard defines an idealized EFT/B. For anyone who wants to build quality products with an extensive test program from design, qualification, production to diagnostic purpose, the FNS-AX3 simulators will serve as a critical tool with a new level of performance and efficiency meeting and far exceeding the IEC standard requirements.

Elgar - ETS (TerraSAS) Series - Standalone Terrestrial Solar Array Photovoltaic Simulator
  • Low output capacitance
  • High bandwidth up to 30kHz
  • High resolution I-V curve simulates static and dynamic conditions
  • Designed for high speed Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Can be integrated into a multi-channel system for higher power testing
  • Low voltage, high bandwidth version for DC Power Optimizers
  • EN50530 support

VTI Instruments - EX1200 Series Sensor Simulator (EX1200-7008)
The EX1200-7008 is a Multichannel Glitch-free Universal RTD Simulator with eight channels and universal, 2-/4-wire RTD simulator

NoiseKen - TEM Horn Antenna - EMC Testing in the 5G/IoT Era
The TEM horn antenna is an antenna used for conducting close proximity radiation immunity evaluation test (near electromagnetic field immunity test) of electromagnetic waves radiated from various wireless transmitters such as mobile devices.
In the future, close proximity radiation immunity evaluation test using the TEM horn antenna is expected to expand to various product standards such as medical equipment (IEC 60601-1-2) and multimedia equipment (CISPR 35). NoiseKen's TEM horn antenna has a wide band, low VSWR, and wide electric field uniformity offering an ideal solution for an efficient close proximity radiation immunity test.
  • A TEM horn antenna compliant with IEC 61000-4-39 Ed.1.
  • Test without changing the antenna in the frequency range of 380MHz to 6GHz.
  • Low VSWR and high GAIN enable efficient electromagnetic wave radiation.
  • Wide field uniformity reduces the number of times of movement of the antenna when radiating the EUT.
  • Since the maximum point of the near electric field distribution for each frequency is at the center, enables radiation on the EUT based on the axis of the antenna. Hence, significantly simplifies test point alignment.

NoiseKen - Automotive Transient Surge ISO
Simulator to reproduce various transient surge phenomena which are generated in a vehicle and required in the international standard ISO-7637-2 (2004) Standard, and evaluate the immune resistibility of the equipped electronics devices against the surge.
  • ISO 7637-2 (2004) Standard compliant simulator
  • Correspondent to the test for 12V/24V/42V systems in a vehicle
  • Stand-alone usage per the each generator unit possible as well as the comprehensive control
  • Large capacity CDN (60V/50A) available (Option)
  • Up to 200A power supply possible (Option)
  • Windows in Japanese applicable for the software program as well
Private standards or specific cations by manufactures can be responded upon request.

NoiseKen - ESD simulators - ESS-S3011A & GT-30RA
EMC test equipment to evaluate the resistibility of electronic devices and components when energy charged on a human body or object is discharged to the electronic devices and components. NoiseKen brand ESD simulator is available to see malfunctions or function declines of electronic equipment for appropriate evaluations compliant with IEC61000-4-2 Ed.2 Test Standard & ISO 10605 ed.2 standards.
The ESS-S3011A features a function which enables the user to pre-program test settings to minimize setup errors as well as having the unit be incorporated into a remote or autonomous testing setup. Another feature that sets apart NoiseKen ESD guns to that of competitors is the discharging gun separation design which helps achieve the lightweight.
For conventional ESD guns, that have generators that are inseparable from the gun, you may experience having to replace the whole unit even only when certain parts of the unit are broken. However, with the NoiseKen’s separation design, replacement parts can be minimized to lower the running cost.

NoiseKen - Thin Plate Broadband Antenna
Thin plate broadband antenna has been developed for efficient immunity testing against hand-held transmitters and cellular phones. Many pieces of spot frequency antennas had to be used in turn thus fur. This new Thin-plate Broadband Antenna is a single antenna solution eliminating the need for antenna changes and dramatically reducing the test time. Furthermore, this antenna with its small-size and lightweight properties and a flexible handle is suitable for testing in narrow spaces.
  • A wide frequency range eliminating the need for antenna changes
  • 30W maximum power input allows high filed strengths
  • High efficiency due to a low VSWR and high gain
  • Suitable for broadband digital modulation thanks to a good VSWR flatness
  • Small, light-weight and flat antenna easy to use in narrow spaces
  • Easy handling with a flexible arm
  • A wide radiation pattern makes directivity of the fields no longer an issue

NoiseKen - Magnetic Field Visualization System
The system detects position of the magnetic field sensor on the basis of the image on the camera first of all and then, recognizes strength of the signal that is measured by the sensor upon frequency analysis of the signal almost simultaneously. Finally, visualization of the strength level in composition with the real image of the measured object can be realized on screen of PC in form of heat map in colors.
  • High responsiveness following to the image can be realized because of the image recognition setting according to colors on the sensor part.
  • Composite strength distribution of the actual image taken by the camera and the measured data can be visualized.


For over 40 years from its foundation in 1975, Noise Laboratory has been focusing on immunity test equipment and related solutions.

Now their product lines include various types of immunity test equipment ranging from those conforming to IEC 61000-4 series standards, other international or national immunity standards and even to customer's in-house test standards.

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