Teledyne LeCroy - Current Probes

Teledyne LeCroy - Current ProbesTeledyne LeCroy - Current Probes
  • ProBus active probe interface with automatic scaling in A/div
  • Autozero and degauss capabilities built into instrument's user interface
  • CP030
    • 30 Arms continuous current
    • 50 Apeak​ current 
    • 50 MHz bandwidth
  • CP030A
    • 30 Arms continuous current
    • 50 Apeak current
    • 50 MHz bandwidth
    • 1 mA/div sensitivity
  • CP031
    • 30 Arms continuous current
    • 50 Apeak current
    • 100 MHz bandwidth
  • CP031A
    • 30 Arms continuous current
    • 50 Apeak current
    • 100 MHz bandwidth
    • 1 mA/div sensitivity
  • CP150
    • 150 Arms continuous current
    • 500 Apeak current
    • 10 MHz bandwidth
  • CP500
    • 500 Arms continuous current
    • 700 Apeak current
    • 2 MHz bandwidth


Teledyne LeCroy current probes do not require the breaking of a circuit or the insertion of a shunt to make accurate and reliable current measurements. Based on a combination of Hall effect and transformer technology, Teledyne LeCroy current probes are ideal for making accurate AC, DC, and impulse current measurements.

Teledyne LeCroy current probes are available in a variety of models for a wide range of applications. The full range of Teledyne LeCroy current probes includes models with bandwidths up to 100 MHz, peak currents up to 700 A and sensitivities to 1 mA/div. Teledyne LeCroy current probes are often used in applications such as the design and test of switching power supplies, motor drives, electric vehicles, and uninterruptible power supplies.

  • CP030 - 30A, 50MHz Current Probe
  • CP030-3M - 30 A, 10 MHz Current Probe - AC/DC, 30 A rms, 50 A Peak Pulse, 3 meter cable
  • CP030A - 30A, 50MHz High Sensitivity Current Probe
  • CP031 - 30A, 100MHz Current Probe
  • CP031A - 30A, 100MHz High Sensitivity Current Probe
  • CP150 - 150 A, 10 MHz Current Probe - AC/DC, 150 A rms, 500 A Peak Pulse
  • CP150-6M - 150 A, 5 MHz Current Probe - AC/DC, 150 A rms, 500 A Peak Pulse, 6 meter cable
  • CP500 - 500 A, 2 MHz Current Probe - AC/DC, 500 A rms, 700 A Peak Pulse
  • DCS015 - Deskew Calibration Source for CP031,CP031A, CP030, CP030A and AP015
  • DCS025 - Deskew Calibration Source for CP030, CP030A, CP031, CP031A,
    AP015, CP150, CP500

Current Sensor Adapter

The CA10 is a programmable and customizable interface device that seamlessly incorporates third party current transducers/transformers with Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes or motor drive analyzers. The easy to use interface provides the ability for the CA10 to be programmed to contain the specifications of the current sensor allowing it to automatically correct for the gain or attenuation and display results in Ampere units. This allows the third party device to be recognized and operate as if it were a Teledyne LeCroy probe.

  • CA10 - Programmable ProBus Current Sensor Adapter for use with third party current sensors
  • CA10-QUADPAK - Set of 4 CA10, Programmable ProBus Current Sensor Adapter for use with third party current sensors

More Product Information

Teledyne LeCroy - ZS Series High Impedance Active Probes 1 GHz - 4 GHz Probes
  • High signal fidelity to 4 GHz bandwidth
  • Low circuit loading - High input impedance and low capacitance
  • 4 GHz, 2.5 GHz, 1.5 GHz and 1 GHz models
  • 1MΩ input resistance
  • 0.6 pF (4 GHz)and 0.9 pF input capacitance 
  • ± 8 V input dynamic range, ± 12 V offset range
  • Wide variety of tips and grounds
  • Easy to use, integrated with oscilloscope

Teledyne LeCroy - PPE1.2KV 10:1/100:1 200/300 MHz 5M Ohm/50M Ohm Probes

The PPE series of probes are suitable for a wide range of applications where high-voltage measurements must be made safely and accurately. There are five fixed-attenuation probes covering a range from 2 kV to 20 kV, and one switchable probe providing ÷10/÷100 attenuation for voltage inputs up to 1.2 kV.

New technology which utilizes hybrid circuitry (and switch reading for probes with switchable gain/attenuation) minimizes ringing and overshoot to provide a precise response.

All fixed-attenuation, standard probes automatically re-scale any LeCroy 9300C or LC series oscilloscope for the appropriate attenuation factor of the probe.

Teledyne LeCroy - Differential Probes (<= 1.5 GHz)

Differential active probes are like two probes in one. Instead of measuring a test point in relation to a ground point (like single-ended active probes), differential probes measure the difference in voltage of a test point in relation to another test point

Teledyne LeCroy - Optical Probes
Teledyne LeCroy's wide-band multi-mode optical-to-electrical converters are designed for measuring optical communications signals. Their broad wavelength range and multi-mode input optics make these devices ideal for applications including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and ITU telecom standards. Available to support optical data rates up to 11.3 Gb/s with reference receivers, or slightly higher without reference receivers.

Teledyne LeCroy - Passive Probes
  • Compact probe head
  • Supports fine pitch SMD probing
  • Rugged, Sharp tip
  • HF optimized connection accessories
  • Over 30 accessories
  • Low input capacitance

Teledyne LeCroy - Transmission Line Probes

Transmission line probes are a special type of passive probe designed for use at very high frequencies. They replace the high impedance probe cable found in a traditional passive probe with a precision transmission line, with a characteristic impedance that matches the oscilloscope input (50 Ohm). This greatly reduces the input capacitance to a fraction of a picofarad, minimizing the loading of high frequency signals. A matching network at the tip increases the DC input resistance. While they have lower DC input resistance than a traditional passive probe (usually 500 Ohm) to 5 kOhm), the input impedance of these probes remains nearly constant over their entire frequency range. A traditional /10 passive probe will have a 10 MOhm) input impedance at DC, however this impedance drops rapidly with frequency, passing below the input impedance of a transmission line probe at less than 100 MHz.

Teledyne LeCroy - High Voltage Differential Probes
High voltage differential probes provide high CMRR over a broad frequency range to simplify the measurement challenges found in noisy, high common-mode power electronics environments. The probe’s design is easy-to-use and enables safe, precise high voltage floating measurements.

Teledyne LeCroy - High Voltage Passive Probes
High voltage probes are suitable for a wide range of applications where high-voltage measurements must be made safely and accurately. There are several fixed-attenuation probes covering a range from 1 kV to 6 kV and varying transient overvoltage ratings. All of these high voltage probes feature a spring loaded probe tip and a variety of standard accessories to make probing high voltages safe and easy. Additionally, all of the high voltage probe have a probe sense pin to automatically configure the oscilloscope for use with the probe.

Teledyne LeCroy - TPA10 ProBus Probe Adapter for TekProbe-BNC Probes
  • Allows TekProbe interface level II probes to work with any ProBus-equipped Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope
  • Automatic probe detection
  • Provides all necessary power and offset control to the attached probe
  • Supports probes up to 4 GHz
  • Easy firmware updates
  • Wide variety of probes supported including:
    • Preamplifiers
    • Current Probes
    • Single-ended Active Probes
    • Differential Active Probes