VTI Instruments - PXIe Chassis

VTI Instruments - PXIe Chassis
The PXIe chassis include 18-slot chassis (CMX18 and CMX18A) and 9-slot chassis, pictured (CMX09 and CMX09A)


At VTI, we manufacture chassis that are compatible with all PXI Express and PXI hybrid cards. Our products are easily scaled from tabletop size to many rack units, and many of our PXI Express chassis can handle data speeds up to 8 GB/s.

VTI PXI Advantages

VTI is the first choice for mission critical applications or applications where the cost of test is high and failure is not an option. Applications include missile system testing and solid rocket motor testing. This is because our products are recognized in the industry for their reliability and are designed with built-in capabilities to maximize measurement confidence. Simply put, if you need equipment that is going to give you the results you need, contact us to get started.

Customers expect the test systems to last at least as long as the products they test. This can especially be a challenge in the aerospace and defense industries where products typically last more than a decade. This is why every VTI product is designed to minimize obsolescence risks and guarantee long-term support.

For our PXIe chassis and PXIe subsystems in particular, we ensure that our equipment is resistant to obsolescence by utilizing system-on-chip (SoC) architectures. We don’t have to be dependent on the continuing availability of controller chips from other manufacturers.

Precision and Performance
VTI's strength is in hardware and our products are designed to maximize accuracy, precision, and performance. The types of industries that utilize our products reflect this. Our data acquisition systems are used in applications such as jet engine testing, aircraft structural testing, and satellite testing.

Hybrid Test System Support
Test systems often leverage the strengths of multiple instrumentation platforms in order to arrive at the best performing or most cost-effective solution. VTI's PXI Express products are uniquely designed to simplify integration with other platforms.

More Product Information

VTI Instruments - PXIe Controllers
The PXIe controllers include gigabit ethernet LXI controllers (EMX-2500) and PXIe embedded controllers, pictured (EMX-2401)

VTI Instruments - EMX-75XX PXIe Core Automated Test Equipment
  • High Current - 300 mA Sink
  • High Density - 64 Channels / Card
  • Isolation - 1000 V
  • Multiple Digital Logic Levels - LV TTL - TTL - 60 V Max, User Defined
  • Flexible Configurations - Dedicated Input - Dedicated Output - Eight, 8-Bit Ports
  • Flexible Software - Embedded Soft Front Panel - Common IVI Software Drivers

VTI Instruments - VXI Chassis
VXI Chassis include 6-slot VXIbus mainframes (CT-100C), 5-slot VXIbus mainframes (CT-310A), and modular 13-slot VXIbus mainframes (CT-400, pictured)

VTI Instruments - EMX-4XXX High-performance Breakout Boxes, Smart High Density Dynamic Signal Analyzers, Smart PXIe 652 KSA/s Digitizers, and Charge / IEPE PXI Digitizers
The EMX-4xxx product family contains high-performance breakout boxes (EMX-4008 and EMX-4016), smart high density dynamic signal analyzers (EMX-4250 and EMX-4251), smart PXIe 625 KSA/s 4-channel digizers (EMX-4350), and charge and IEPE PXIe 625 KSA/s 4-channel digitizers (EMX-4380)

Pickering - PXI Chassis
When you need high performance and configurability - choose Pickering's PXI Chassis.
We can supply a PXI chassis to meet every PXI application, they range from 8 to 19 3U slots. Selected PXI chassis are available with optional low acoustic operation; suitable for office, laboratory or other environments where low audible noise is essential. These PXI chassis can be optimized to accept multi-slot modules, such as our BRIC™ matrix modules, while only occupying one electrical slot.

Elgar - ReFlex Power Chassis
  • Modular
  • Control up to 95 assets
  • Control multiple AC and DC power supplies and loads in one mainframe
  • Create “virtual assets”
  • Web browser control
  • User configurable
  • Highest Power Density
  • Simple integration
  • PFC
  • Universal AC/DC input
  • Up to 6kW in one mainframe
  • 1kW DC modules
  • PFC ≥0.95
  • Reduced space and logistics hassles
    • High power density
    • Handles DC and AC power and load modules
    • User configurable
    • Universal AC/DC input
  • Ease of integration
    • Web browser control
    • Trigger bus
    • Configure modules to parallel or series operation "on the fly"

Sorensen - SLM 1/4 Mainframe Chassis, Single bay or 4 bay for SLM & SLD Modular loads
  • Flexible Product Line
    • Low power DC modules
    • Low power AC modules
    • High power DC, 19" rack mounted loads
    • High power AC, 19" rack mounted loads
    • 26 Total Models
  • Flexible Control
    • Remote: GPIB, RS-232, Analog
    • Manual: Front Panel
    • DC Modes: CC, CR, CV, CP
    • AC Modes: CR, CC with crest factor control
    • Dynamic mode with slew rate control
  • Flexible Data Feedback
    • GPIB, RS-232
    • Current monitor output (SLM DC only)
    • Front panel

Abaco - PCIe490 8-slot PCI Express Gen 2 FPGA I/O Expansion Chassis
  • 8-Slot PCI Express Gen 2
  • PCIe x16 Host Datalink
  • 750W ATX Power Supply
  • x4 PCIe Lanes Per Slot
  • Rack Mount Ready
  • Isolated Temperature Environment
  • Chassis Daisy Chain Enabled

Brandywine - AMC-Syncclock32 Fully compliant Advanced Mezzanine Card for time code synch. of ATCA chassis
  • Continual time error measurement between on-board clock and the reference input signals.
  • Error measurement adjustment for propagation delay.
  • Range of input and output options, including IRIG timecodes
  • Optional disciplined TXCO or OXCO.
  • 3 user-programmable pulse rates
  • Optional GPS receiver
  • Time-tagging of external events
  • Match Time feature, from which Internal or External processes may be automatically initiated or terminated.

VTI Instruments

AMETEK's VTI Instruments products and systems are used to monitor and record data that characterizes the physical integrity and performance of aircraft, engines, and other large structures, as well as automate the functional testing of complex electronic systems. The VTI Instruments brand is recognized as an industry leader with a reputation of providing reliable data, first time, every time. A sustained focus on innovation and technology enables customers to optimize their capital investment through product longevity, while ensuring unmatched measurement integrity and data reliability.

VTI has customers in over 30 different countries and in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, defense, power generation, automotive and consumer electronics. The Company’s products are used in applications ranging from wing test on Boeing 787 to production test for cell phones.

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