Xena Networks - Chimera - Network Impairment Emulation Tool

  • True wire-speed impairment @ 100Gbps (plus 50 / 40 /25 & 10Gbps)
  • Ease of use – Chimera is a stand-alone impairment tool that integrates seamlessly with Xena’s Valkyrie traffic generator, letting you speed up your work flow by using the same SW to both generate and impair Ethernet traffic.
  • Highest port density in the industry – plus you can reserve individual port-pairs without blocking access to the others
  • Setting up custom impairment distributions is a breeze
  • Chimera supports a broad range of impairments (latency/jitter, packet & port impairments, flexible distributions, BW shaping etc)
  • Powerful, easy-to-use automation & scripting options

Types of test


Performance testing focuses the performance of a DUT via parameters like maximum throughput, latency and jitter.

When performance testing includes analysis of how a DUT can send traffic through a network Chimera emulates realistic network conditions including impairments that are likely to occur when a signal passes through a network.


Chimera offers network emulation for QoS and service validation testing. By adding latency, packet drop and other impairments the user can test that a system under test can maintain a high QoS and service quality guarantee despite difficult network conditions.


Functional testing verifies the basic functionality of the DUT and will depend on the DUT and the application.

Chimera provides a wide range of network emulation features for functional testing, including latency and other typical impairments.


Security testing is usually conducted during development to reveal how a DUT handles abnormal conditions.

Chimera makes it easy for users to apply all kinds of network conditions to analyze and verify the behavior DUT.


Software application testing can cover many parameters depending on the application. The testing can be done to verify the basic functionality of the software and to see how it performs under different network conditions. Chimera provides a wide range of network emulation features to emulate network conditions, including latency and other typical impairments.

More Product Information

Teledyne LeCroy Xena

Teledyne LeCroy Xena is a leader in Ethernet traffic generators, physical layer testing and network emulation. They are one of a handful of companies with solutions for testing the fastest Ethernet speeds (currently 800Gbps using 112G SerDes). Customers around the world rely on Xena solutions to test, debug and validate the performance and interoperability of new Ethernet devices and outperform their competitors. Acquired by Teledyne LeCroy in 2023, Xena is renowned for user-friendly solutions with the industry’s lowest TCO thanks to the Xena Value Pack’s generous software licensing policy. 

Xena offers award-winning solutions for generating Ethernet traffic, physical layer testing and network emulation. Xena Ethernet Traffic Generators are a series of over 12 NICs and 2 chassis options with user-friendly software for conducting a wide range of test scenarios for all Ethernet speeds from 10Mbps up to 800Gbps. Xena also offers a dedicated network emulation NIC for impairing traffic with various forms of latency and jitter at wire-speed up to 100Gbps. All Xena Ethernet traffic generators and the network emulation NICs include powerful options for Physical Layer testing. Comprehensive software is bundled with all Xena solutions. XenaManager is a Windows PC client used for configuring and running traffic, there are standalone apps for running industry-standard RFC2544, 2889, 3918 & Y.1564 tests, plus comprehensive open-source automation and scripting options.

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Xena Networks - Chimera - Network Impairment Emulation Tool