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Up to 4 GHz Bandwidth  ±60 V Offset Capability  ±800 mV Dynamic Range  50 kΩ DC Input Impedance  1.2x Attenuation for low additive noise  MCX terminated cable with wide variety of connections:  Solder-in (4 GHz)  Coaxial Cable to U.FL receptacle (3 GHz)  MCX PCB Mount (4 GHz)  Browser (500 MHz)  ProBus Interface
Fully Integrated: With the ProBus™ interface, the AP033 becomes an integral part of the oscilloscope. The probe sensitivity and offset can be controlled from the oscilloscope front panel, the probe front panel, or by using remote control commands (GPIB or RS-232). Sensitivity, offset, input capacitance, and common mode voltage range are displayed on the oscilloscope screen. When used with a LeCroy digital oscilloscope, no external power supply is required.
Easy to Use No need to break the circuit or insert a shunt Small form factors for use on crowded boards Variety of Applications
Differential active probes are like two probes in one. Instead of measuring a test point in relation to a ground point (like single-ended active probes), differential probes measure the difference in voltage of a test point in relation to another test point
Highest resolution - 12 bits all the time  Bigger Display, smaller footprint, most bench space  More capability, increased productivity
High voltage differential probes provide high CMRR over a broad frequency range to simplify the measurement challenges found in noisy, high common-mode power electronics environments. The probe’s design is easy-to-use and enables safe, precise high voltage floating measurements.
The PPE6KV-A and HVP120 can handle up to 6000 Vpeak transient overvoltages and are designed for probing up to 2000 Vrms and 1000 Vrms respectively. Fast rise times, excellent frequency response, and a variety of standard accessories make these probes safe and ideal for high voltage measurement applications
Up to 65 GHz  Up to 80 Channels @ 36 GHz  Up to 160 GS/s  Up to 512 Mpts/Ch  50 fs rms Sample Clock (Intrinsic) Jitter  Jitter Between All Channels of <130 fs rms
Static power analysis - like a dedicated power analyzer  Dynamic power analysis – capture more information  Complete test coverage – control system, power section, motor  Comprehensive mechanical interface  Harmonics calculation option  Vector display option (THREEPHASEVECTOR)  Waveform Transformations option (THREEPHASEdq0)  16 Channels with OscilloSYNC™
DigRF v4 Decodes  Low-speed (26 Mb/s)  Medium-speed (1248 Mb/s)  High-speed (1456 Mb/s)  DigRF v3 Decodes  Low-speed (6.5 Mb/s)  Medium-speed (26 Mb/s)  High-speed (312 Mb/s)  Convert DigRF 3G and v4 I and Q digital data to corresponding analog waveforms  Correlate analog waveforms with protocol decode on one screen  View decoded data in hexadecimal format  Decode information expands as the time base is adjusted or zoomed  Convenient table display with quick “Zoom to byte” capability  Quick search capability for specific message packets
Compact probe head Supports fine pitch SMD probing Rugged, Sharp tip HF optimized connection accessories Over 30 accessories
Probe adapters provide simple and easy interface of third-party probes as well as change between the different Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscope input and cable types (ProBus, ProLink, K/2.92 mm, BNC and SMA). Depending on the adapters, changing between the Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscope's input type may have an effect on the overall performance of the channel.