VIAVI - RF Expansion Module (RFEM)

VIAVI - RF Expansion Module (RFEM)
  • VIAVI designed RF test system, fully integrated into the ATEC® Test System
  • Simple Ethernet interface between RFEM and ATEC® Test System permits easy retrofit to existing ATE installations
  • Powerful test executive interface offers many advantages to the test operator
  • Global service and support provided jointly by SPHEREA and VIAVI Solutions
  • Extensive CMM-listed TPS library in development or planned, covering Nav, Comm, TCAS, Transponder, GPS, and other RF systems
  • Complete RFEM and TPS information can be consulted on the SPHEREA Customer Support and Services MySpherea Internet web site
  • Our objective is to offer test coverage of RF products from all major OEMs


RF Expansion Module for SPHEREA ATEC® Test Systems

The RF Expansion Module (RFEM) is designed to support testing of airborne RF components on the ATEC® Test System. Developed and manufactured by VIAVI Test Solutions in partnership with SPHEREA, the RFEM provides a convenient platform that is completely compatible with new and existing ATEC® Test Systems.

A library of TPS solutions is currently in development by VIAVI Solutions that will cover the full range of navigation, communication, TCAS, transponder, and other RF systems. The product strategy has full OEM support and CMM listing.

The RF instrumentation package includes the VIAVI PXI format synthetic instrument modules for both signal generation and analysis. These products offer very high performance in a compact size, permitting greater resource density in the RFEM tower.

More Product Information

Abaco - PCIe490 8-slot PCI Express Gen 2 FPGA I/O Expansion Chassis
  • 8-Slot PCI Express Gen 2
  • PCIe x16 Host Datalink
  • 750W ATX Power Supply
  • x4 PCIe Lanes Per Slot
  • Rack Mount Ready
  • Isolated Temperature Environment
  • Chassis Daisy Chain Enabled

Abaco - PC820 UltraScale FPGA Card, PCIe Gen3 with 1x FMC+ Expansion Site
  • Kintex UltraScale (XCKU085, XCKU095, XCKU115 or Virtex UltraScale (XCVU080, XCVU095, XCVU125))
  • PCIe Gen3 x8
  • 1x FMC+ Site – High Serial Pin Count (HSPC)
  • 1Gb FPGA configuration Flash
  • 256Mb Serial Flash
  • Single-lane SFP+ interface
  • Bidirectional x8 FireFly connection (optional)
  • CPLD on board
  • Standalone operation (optional)

Brandywine - M210 Modular Network Time Server with GPS or IRIG Input & Expansion Slots
  • 3-slot module output capacity
  • Choice of clock Synchronisation options
  • Choice of master clock accuracy
  • Large range of output options
  • 1U high standard 19" rack mount
  • 5-segment front panel button for equipment configuration and control
  • Large alphanumeric display of time, date and status
  • Equipment configuartion stored in non-volatile memory

Brandywine - M211 Modular Network Time Server with GPS or IRIG Input & Expansion Slots
  • 9-slot module output capacity
  • Choice of clock synchronisation options
  • Choice of master clock accuracy
  • Large range of outpout options
  • 3U high standard 19" rack mount
  • 5-segment button front panel keyboard for equipment configuration and control
  • Alphranumeric display of time, date and status
  • Equpment configuration stored in non-volatile memory

VIAVI - Xgig Expert
Expert software comes standard with all Xgig Analyzers to provide a unique and robust set of debugging and analysis capabilities specifically designed to accelerate and simplify device development and troubleshooting. Expert automatically analyzes captured trace data, efficiently sorting through millions of events to identify performance, upper layer protocol, and logical and physical layer issues including protocol violations, interoperability problems, performance issues, and erratic behaviors.  By giving users deep visibility into the network at all levels, Expert is an essential tool for maximizing network performance and reliability:
  • Accurately diagnoses system issues
  • Quickly identifies errors and warnings
  • Tracks device activity across multiple analyzers
  • Automatically maps network topologies
  • More quickly narrows down problem scenarios
  • Organizes results with detailed reports

VIAVI - Modular AXIe
  • Modular
    • Assemble your own system. Plug-in RF modules and COTS-based CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs. Selection of JTNC SCA devices (Ethernet, GPS, audio, etc.)
  • Multi-Domain
    • Use across your entire organization. Develop for tactical radio, radar, electronic warfare, and signal intelligance domains
  • Integrated
    • Accelerate time to market with seamlessly integrated hardware an d osftware. Leverage pre-loaded NordiaSoft SCARI Software Suite
  • Multi-Purpose
    • Reduce cost. Support full life cycle development. Simulate design, emulate, and test on one integrated system
  • Scalable
    • Protect your investment. Benefit from a true component-based architecture for hardware and software
  • Universal
    • Future-proof your products. Leverage open, standards-based COTS software and hardware

VIAVI - Fuel Interfaces
VIAVI supports many rotary and fixed-wing aircraft platforms with an extensive library of aircraft specific interface cables and units. Combined with a VIAVI Fuel Quantity Test Set, the  test solution provides complete functional testing and troubleshooting of the fuel quantity system. If you are unable to find your aircraft listed here, we also offer design services for the development of new interfaces and aircraft test procedures.
Available through your GSA Supplier

VIAVI - AVX-10K Flight Line Test Set
  • Configurable test capability
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Software defined applications
  • Remote operation
  • Android™ and iOS® compatible
  • Guided Test
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • International test configurations Purchase only the test options that you need
  • Time saving ease of operation
  • Easily updated with future applications
  • Conveniently test in and around the aircraft from your mobile device
  • Recall saved test sequences for future use
  • Provides accurate positional data for ADS-B testing
  • Compliant with global regulatory requirements

VIAVI - Xgig Exerciser for PCI Express 5.0
  • Generates and responds to PCIe complaint data packets
  • Operates to 32GTps, and supports all other PCIe data rates of 2.5, 5.0, 8.0 and 16GTps
  • Supports link widths of 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16-lanes
  • Set link rates and widths and control transitions other rates
  • Tightly aligned operation with the Analyzer for fully detailed bit-level trace captures
  • Execute the PCIe compliance test suite
  • Perform LTSSM testing: both positive and negative test scenarios
  • LTSSM state tracker with history log
  • Define custom test configurations, save and load
  • Define custom test suites and execution sequence
  • Swap DLLP ACK to NACK responses. Modify CRC
  • Define, send, and modify Ordered Sets
  • Template libraries available
  • Scripting API allows complex test cases
  • Graphical control interface provides easy visual presentation and setup of test procedures
  • Xgig tools and the Exerciser user interface operate on a Windows 10 enabled PC
  • Runs on the VIAVI 5P16 Analysis Platform chassis, Xgig5P-PCIe5-X16-PF
  • Works with the Xgig5P-PCIe5-X16-EH Exerciser Host-Mode Test Stand


VIAVI is a leading worldwide provider of highly specialized test and measurement equipment and microelectronic solutions.

VIAVI Solutions is proud of our industry-leading network solutions for Telecommunications Service Providers, Equipment Manufacturers, Enterprises, and Entities in fields of Government and Avionics. VIAVI is consistently #1 or #2 in the markets we serve, including: Fiber, Cable, Access, Metro and Transport, RAN-to-Core, LandMobile and Military Radio and Nav/Comm and Transponder. We offer end-to-end network visibility and analytics that help build, test, certify, maintain, and optimize complex physical and virtual networks.

Our optical specialty products division is renown for expertise in anticounterfeiting pigment materials, 3D Sensing, and optical filters – holding #1 positions in those markets as well.

The pioneering spirit at VIAVI continues as we light the path to 5G with innovative test and measurement products, and lead the way with 3D sensing technology.

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