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Simulator to reproduce various transient surge phenomena which are generated in a vehicle and required in the international standard ISO-7637-2 (2004) Standard, and evaluate the immune resistibility of the equipped electronics devices against the surge. ISO 7637-2 (2004) Standard compliant simulator Correspondent to the test for 12V/24V/42V systems in a vehicle
Electrical fast transients (EFT), such as switching transients originating from inductive load interruption, relay contact bounce, etc., are one of the main causes of equipment malfunctions. Because they can occur anywhere interfering with circuits primarily via mains and interconnection cables.
Reproduces transient voltage surge phenomena generated in a vehicle and evaluates the immune resistibility of DUT against the surge. The output waveforms are five as high-repeating pulse, giant pulse, field decay pulse, trapezoidal waveform + high-repeating pulse and high repeating pulse + giant pulse.
This model is for carrying out a high pressure noise test of individual automotive manufacturers' demands. It simulates representative high voltage noise of HV and EV. Single-phase 3 wire AC85 - 240V16A 50/60Hz DC125V16A Pulse: ~ 500V 50kHz (option)
Noiseken simulators to reproduce fast rise-up noises which are generated when switching ON / OFF electric current on the inductive load. Since the pulse includes broadband frequency and its rise-up time is fast at 3ns or less, it can make the noise coupling dense and effective to reproduce the malfunctions of electronics equipment under the test.
The system detects position of the magnetic field sensor on the basis of the image on the camera first of all and then, recognizes strength of the signal that is measured by the sensor upon frequency analysis of the signal almost simultaneously. Finally, visualization of the strength level in composition with the real image of the measured object can be realized on screen of PC in form of heat map in colors.
The TEM horn antenna is an antenna used for conducting close proximity radiation immunity evaluation test (near electromagnetic field immunity test) of electromagnetic waves radiated from various wireless transmitters such as mobile devices.
Thin plate broadband antenna has been developed for efficient immunity testing against hand-held transmitters and cellular phones. Many pieces of spot frequency antennas had to be used in turn thus fur. This new Thin-plate Broadband Antenna is a single antenna solution eliminating the need for antenna changes and dramatically reducing the test time. Furthermore, this antenna with its small-size and lightweight properties and a flexible handle is suitable for testing in narrow spaces.